• SparkMaker FHD, The Most Affordable 1080p SLA 3D Printer

    57μm XY resolution | 61.8*110*125mm build volume | 20-25mm/hr | $199 Super Early Bird Price



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  • Affordable, High Resolution & Easy to Use

    The most affordable FHD SLA 3D printer that includes everything you need for a quality print.

  • SparkMaker FHD comes with 4 new types of Resins.

    Whether you’re planning a simple prototyping, small batch production or just prints for fun, you will have all you need to turn your ideas into reality.

    Resin LCD-G

    Ultra-clear resin with high transparency and toughness. Ideal for making 3D engraving prints to show delicate internal details.

    Resin LCD-H

    Withstands high temperatures up to 320℃. Perfect for making injection molds for small batch production.

    Resin LCD-Q

    Good printing quality with sweet macaron color palette. Works with Macaron Color Paste to make cute colored prints.

    Resin LCD-MG

    Hard and tough, prints at high quality. Perfect for making simple models. Easy to get color painted.

  • SparkMaker FHD 3D Printing Gallery

  • Features

  • 1080p LCD Screen for A Quality Print

    SparkMaker FHD uses 1080p LCD screen to provide high printing quality with 57 μm XY resolution at half the price.

    Variable Leveling Speed for Faster Prints

    Most SLA 3D printers print at uniform speed, while SparkMaker FHD uses variable speed with constant acceleration in leveling to speed up the printing speed to 20-25mm/hr.

    Desktop 3D Printer that Everyone Can Use

    Weighing less than 3kg with a compact size of 170φ*275mm, SparkMaker FHD fits perfectly in any lab or desktop. Whether you're experienced or new to 3D printing, simply insert an SD card and press the button to print.

    Upgraded Construction, Upgraded Quality

    Since the release of SparkMaker SLA 3D printer, we’ve upgraded the build quality of the resin tank, z-axis, switch, and more to make SparkMaker FHD even tougher.

    Various Resin Choices to Free Your Imagination

    SparkMaker FHD comes with 4 types of new resins with different features to print anything you can imagine! It supports the 5 types of functional resins sold on our website as well as third-party resins.

    Bluetooth Control with SparkStudio APP

    Easily control your 3D printing with SparkStudio APP. You can track the printing process and monitor the printing with your phone.