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  • Hans Liss

    Here's something I couldn't have done without the Sparkmaker. Calculator-style hinged keys designed in Blender and printed on the Sparkmaker FHD using Elegoo Gray, and a matching mounting plate designed in OpenSCAD and printed on the Ultimaker 2+ using ABS.The keys fit perfectly and work well with the cheap PCB-mounted pushbuttons I used in my design. I just have to expand the frame thing into a complete case.

    The Ultimaker couldn't possibly print buttons this good, although it's very good at other stuff..

    ‎Nicholas Lee Amatsu

    Hollow Knight (with the fixed cloak)

    Printed at 50 microns layer height and painted (should really get that gray resin soon 😂)

    ‎Дмитрий Строев

    Raven skull, printed on Sparkmaker FHD with polymer clay flowers

    ‎Mike Isenberg

    Took a couple of weeks to print all the parts (and I may be reprinting some of them), but it's finally time to start building and painting this bad boy.






    (I'll post updates as I get closer to completing it. Print settings and links to the file in comments below.)

    ‎Дмитрий Строев

    Garrosh Hellscream printed on Sparkmaker fhd :)

    ‎Nicholas Lee Amatsu

    Female tiefling rogue printed in LCD-G clear resin (sculpt by Ghamak Miniatures and Games at https://www.patreon.com/francesco_a_pizzo_ghamak/posts)


    Stands at ~41 mm tall, printed at 0.05 mm layer height


    Sanded with 600 grit and gloss coated

    ‎David Jatropulus

    I have finally printed the base for my Demon.

    It is 100mm in Diameter and a quiet massive disk.

    I managed to get the base nice & flat but had a little support failure on a bottom edge.


    After putting my demon (also printed on a Sparkmaker - see my other post) on the base it stands 25cm tall.

    The standard Tabletop mini - also printed obviously 😁 - looks ridiculously small.

    ‎Derrick Thomas

    Latest project.

    Paul Juang‎









    ‎Paul Juang


    lcd-T resin mix black color

    Layer height 0.025mm

    Uv light 10 seconds per layer



    ‎MA SH‎


    I made this as a gift for a painting buddy who is leaving town.

    ‎Paul Juang‎

    Machine: sparkmakerFHD (upgrade kit)


    Resin: sparkmaker-BW

    ‎David Jatropulus

    Wow, I am so happy. It took me more than 1 week pure printing time but this monstrosity is finally done.


    This is the Demon king from the Artisans Guild Patreon, printed in 0.025mm layer height with LCD-BW and LCD-BF resin.

    One photo shows it on the build platform of my Ender 3 with a 28mm Model for Scale.


    This thing is huge.


    Edit: added a few more close up pictures with better lighting.



    ‎Luke Sampson‎

    A boyband you don't wanna mess with. 3 ilithid variants from Artisan Guilds August release printed today. The detail is incredible and some of those delicate pieces printed so well. I mean, look at that spiral. This printer still blows my mind.

    ‎Jeff Wetherill

    After 1.5 Weeks of printing and another 2 days for assembly this beast is almost done! It stands taller then the printer itself! Hope everyone enjoys this print and Hits that like button!!

    ‎Marco Antonini‎



    printed another Lechuck, large size (maximum volume of sparky)


    0.025 layer , it's incredible , love my sparkmaker FHD !


    I added chitubox animation with my settings in the comments

    ‎Luke Sampson‎


    I painted my Hive Collosus print today. Really happy with it. The print quality really brings the colours to life.

    ‎Stuart Galloway‎

    Fhd upgrade came in last week and it has been such a breath of fresh air for this printer

    ‎Francesco Previtali

    Buona la prima! Dopo upgrade a fhd. Risoluzione 50 micron

    ‎Paul Juang

    The print model is a quite historic train station


    3D model production: Chung-Tang Huang

    Printing machine: sparkmakerFHD

    Resin: sparkmaker lcd-BG

  • ‎김용현

    my test number 2 is daenerys of game of thrones.

    Download a bust from thingivers for testing.

    and I print it!



    but... she is not daenerys..... OTL...


    it is 8cm in size.

    Printed at 0.025 with SparkMaker Original.

    about 9hr. wanhao white resin.

    ‎Mike Isenberg

    Latest successful print. Printed with Elegoo Gray resin; figure printed at 0.05mm, base at 0.1mm.


    Test No 3.

    Digital Sculpt,

    printing with sparkmaker orignal.

    painting bust.


    Korean Traditional Singer.



    ‎Joshua Bumpus

    Finally had time to set up the SparkmakerFHD. Grateful it has worked flawlessly. LCD-MG resin.

    ‎Mike Finazzo‎

    Been using my printer to print my zombie busts to then make silicone molds, this time tried a reverse print and cast in silicone for squishy face!

    ‎João Carlos Sinópolis Jr.‎

    2° Test... SparkMaker FHD...🧐👌🏼

    Banana Knight... 🍌⚔️

    Luke Sampson‎

    Today's offerings are an Armoured Troll from Duncan Louca and some ghosts from CastnPlay. Troll printed with arms removed and hollowed with the plug hole in the centre of the belly so it just looks like a belly button. And the army continues to grow. All since Tuesd

    Marco Antonini

    Roger Alien, printed at 0.05 with LCD-BG

    ‎Dieter Wagner‎

    Here's the puppet hands cast from the 3d printed molds off my FHD with Elegoo grey .1mm quality.

    Mike Isenberg‎

    Here's an awesome Hellboy I finished printing this morning. What's everyone else been printing lately?

    Zachary Way‎

    Beholders WIP, from thingiverse. Printed at .05 layer height with settings from the spreadsheet in LCD-MG

    ‎Junichi Nakamura

    It is best to print with LCD-G resin and apply urethane varnish.

    Added photo and video of gipsy girl.

    ‎Juan Francisco Bermejo Laffite‎

    I don't have more IPA sorry for quality. Ganesh, Wanhao resin not washable. 0.05, 6 bottom layers, 8s exposure, 120s bottom exposure.


    Hi all .....

    In order to recall the cartoon memories of my childhood, I printed this robot; since I started printing on September 1st, I have finally finished printing; (during the printing failure and adjustment, there are still some parts that failed to print, need to be added, After the completion of the replenishment, it will be assembled)

    I also hope that through the sparkmaker group, I can recognize the predecessors and players in different application areas; I hope everyone can have fun! ! Finally, sparkmaker FHD really met my needs, thanks to the sparkmaker team for bringing me a fun tool, really fun!

    Yuji Inakoshi

    museum series




    the farnese bull

    Luke Sampson

    Batch painted some Duncan Louca goblins. So much detail in such small models.

    Adam Stevens‎

    Printed out a crystal dragon from the Hell Hath No Fury KS project. There are definitely other more detailed things I could've printed but I have this weird need to print stuff that would normally be the color of my resin. So my early prints were bugs, plants, and frogs!

    ‎Matthew Deuel‎

    Created with the sparkmaker! Took 13 hours in total! But I ran out of resin!

    ‎Paul Juang



    Machine: sparkmakerFHD (upgrade kit)


    Resin: sparkmaker-BW



    ‎Mike Isenberg

    Adam Savage's Tested just had a video about the 3D-scanning program at the Smithsonian, so I got inspired to try one of their models. This is from a high-definition 3D scan of a 3000-year old Chinese wine container.


    Printed in Elegoo Transparent Green with 0.05mm layers. Aibrushed with some transparent green paint (Badger Minitaire Ghost Tint Green) to deepen the color and bring out some of the details.


    Did all of the supports manually in order to avoid obscuring any of the detail; took a few hours to catch all the overhangs and do it properly. Removing the supports was pretty time-consuming as well; had to snip or cut all of them since the model walls are so thin. Actually printed this twice since the first one fell apart when I tried to just pop it off the supports.