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  • Jens Lupp

    Custom Printed Jewellery....

    Justin Hoffman

    He came out pretty sweet too.

    Dave Mackenzie

    Finally after 19 hours of printing I managed to create this Yoda, he's 4 inches high and a very high render to push the spark to its limits. Not a single flaw and no visible identification of stepping marks on the print.

    My biggest tip is to play with settings and small test prints. The resin I used was Anycubic transparent green (medical grade)

    Stefan Fischer

    Printjob number 3 with my sparkmaker fhd!

    I am totally thrilled about this little guy 🤘

    João Carlos Sinópolis Jr.

    Algumas impressões na minha SparkMaker 1a geração...

    Travis Kendel

    Figured I'd share some Sparkmaker prints... This is the non-hi-def version. This thing is great!

    Chris Hajdik‎

    Omg dude that looks amazing

    Tanya Wiesner

    about a 1" print in the lcd-n resin. Had to use a black light to light the print.


    layer: 0.5

    exposure: 8

    exposure strength: 225

    bottom layer exposure: 60

    lift distance: 5

    lift speed: 30

    decline speed: 80

    Kris Walter

    For those interested in printing big stuff on their Sparkmaker, it is possible! Reprinting captain marvel in pieces. She’s 11 inches tall from head to heel, 5 inches wide fist to fist. There’s an AMAZING program called LuBan that will automatically split your models into pieces for a given set of build dimensions, and adds pegs and holes for easy reassembly!

    Tj Wendland‎

    Latest Sparkmaker print. The wings and base I did on the ender 3 because they were too large. I will post another picture when I get it primed.

    Mark Littleton

    Newest print. Not FHD but still prints great

    Ronny Raimondi

    Other tests with the little girl, small production of rings ... 0,050 layers (waiting for the FHD)

    Dean Simpson

    This is by far my most ambitious project with the sparkmaker a reaper ship from Mass Effect :)

    Christopher Beaty‎

    Just finished this. Total of about 30 hour print.

    Frank Valley

    3rd print on the FHD and wanted to share this with the group. Elegoo grey, LCD-T settings. .05 took about 12 hours to complete. (Finished overnight so not sure exactly how long.)

    This is after removing supports but before curing.

    I had 1 noticable defect so far with the base of the big guy. I think I didn't have supports in the right place.

    Mathias Rentzsch

    My testing so far.

    The grey one was printed with 10sec exposure. The greens that worked with 7sec (monocure rapid at 0.05mm). The incomplete one was one of my two fails. This one was a try how far I could reduce exposure (5sec per layer). The other one that failed had a mistake in the model file.

    So as far as i'm concerned the fhd works pretty well. The amout of detail is awesome and there is practically no visible stepping. Fails I've had were not because of the machine.

    I gave the minis an acrylic wash to make the details more visible. Oil would have been much better but I want to prime and paint them soon. So drying time is crucial.

    Roq Dann

    great print well, several tests and all good.

    Imprime bien, varias pruebas.

    Ofir Rousso‎

    not a single failed print from the first 1L bottle 😄

    I am very satisfied!

    Paulo Ferreira

    Finally a complete print with 0.025 layer thickness! After 33 hours printing, this is the result...

    Bryce Koskela

    Just finished printing! Super impressed!