• Histroy

    History of SparkMaker


    Mini DLP V1.0

    First try to make DLP 3D printer.Begin to make photocuring 3D printer and resin from this time on


    Mini DLP V2.0

    Upgrade the DLP 3D printer.First try to use FEP release film instead of organosilicon.And user can choose the up-down or down-up way to printe model


    LCD Bate V0.1

    First try to use LCD screen with 405nm UV backlight to make LCD-SLA 3D printer。It works successfully


    LCD Bate V0.5

    Change some designs of V0.1 and it works better than V0.1


    LCD V1.0

    Design a new all-metal LCD-SLA 3D printer and sale to some of our friends


    LCD V2.0

    Modify design of V1.0 and solve the problems in V1.0


    SparkMaker Beta (LCD V2.9)

    Design the hardware and software in own research and development,debug the hardware and software


    SparkMaker (LCD V3.0)

    Prepare our Kickstarter Campaign

  • Team

    Team of SparkMaker

    Martin Cao

    CEO & Co-founder

    Talented Industrial Designer

    Blue Zeng

    CTO & Co-founder

    Creative Mechanical Engineer

    Yang Qing

    Chief Scientist & Co-founder

    Material Scientist with rich experience

    Poplar Ren

    Product Manager & Co-founder

    Embedded Software Engineer

    Jackie Tung


    Preeminent Sales Director

    Alger Deng

    Production Director

    Conscientious Production Director

    Yukino Luo

    Electronic engineer

    Skilled in electronic and graphic design

    Haley Zhong

    Electronic engineer

    Skilled in ARM and FPGA

    Baybay Meng

    Test engineer

    Careful Test engineer